Supercharger Queue System



Version 1

Display how many cars that had set the supercharger as the destination are stopped in the destination before the car gets charged.

Version 2

Add the queue position, as the car arrives in the area of the supercharger that is fully in use, it starts showing the current number of your position in the queue of cars, as the cars in front of the queue start charging the queue number is subtracted until it displays “your turn to supercharge your Tesla”

Version 3

Add the information about the letter and number of the supercharger spot that will be released in the next 5 mins and it’s “reserved” for the current car in the next spot of the queue.

Version 4

Add queue prediction and time estimation. Now that most of the Teslas are using the previous versions of the queue system, it will be possible to implement a prediction system based on the ETA of cars going towards the supercharger, how many cars are charging and their status, how many cars are already in the queue waiting in the location to be charged. After the driver select the supercharger destination this information about ETA to start charging and total time should be displayed in the screen with a button to accept, therefore the UI should display and track the information as the car drivers towards the destination and indicate his exact position of the queue when arriving in the supercharger.

Version 5

Cars that respect the queue should get incentives like:

  • Charger price discounts
  • More chances in the referral program
  • Monthly prize draws


I believe that better than punish the ones that don’t behave well and disrespect queues, is to incentive with good things the ones that respect the others, this will bring positive marketing to Tesla and satisfaction to the clients to feel that they’re doing something good to others, therefore, Tesla does something good for us.



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