Supercharger Status Indication


Now Implemented!


When displaying the Superchargers, change the icons and notes to indicate how many total stations are at the location and how many are available (not in use).

Also would be nice to show actual superchargers with a different icon or color than non-superchargers (the in-car map with v4.5 software) that shows all charging locations at the same.




The 7.1 software release includes Supercharger status on the icon. A tap shows additional details about closures and other issues.  Later software included more details and also includes destination chargers.

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     Created 14-Jun-2013


Most important piece of info is status of the SC. Is it on or offline? If it's occupied then one can wait a few moments for a free one. Although here out East (Western NY area) SC crowding is NEVER an issue.
    Created 1-Dec-2015
Also would be great if TMC servers could keep track of a live queue per SC location based on time of arrival with prioritization of road trippers over locals.
    Created 1-Nov-2015
With the new update 9/02/15: Software Update: - v6.2 (2.5.46)
"Taylor Swift",, I believe I read that there would be more 'Local', info concerning the Super Chargers ??
    Created 8-Sep-2015
Besides information of in use and free chargers, it would be nice to have more informations about the station than we have now. When you push it on the screen it comes up with the name, adress and a possibility to navigate. Here could be informations about the number of stalls and names of the rest room facelitees - like McDonalds, 7 eleven, hotel etc.
    Created 1-Aug-2015
Glad to see the new Superchargers are red, and other visited chargers are simply grey.

It would also be cool to see how many other (anonymous, of course) Model S owners are on their way to the Supercharger, and their estimate time of arrivals, and how long owners are expected to be charging a your intended Supercharger destination. But I admit - maybe I'm overthinking this need...  I've only had to wait for a SC in Folsom and Gilroy, in the early days...
    Created 5-May-2014
It would be nice to know the new stations
    Created 17-Oct-2013
in 5.0 the supercharger is slightly diffrent from the previus charging location (bigger)
    Created 5-Oct-2013