Supercharger Access when Full


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Create a reservation system for Superchargers that allow you to reserve a space in the future and show the status of locations.


Superchargers are sometimes busy requiring a wait for a free stall. We recently observed a queue of no less than 16 Model S queued up waiting in line to use one of four Supercharger stalls.

The system would also display current status – showing both occupied / vacant stalls, but also show % charge and estimated charge complete time for each vehicle.

Moderator: Some potential problems to resolve are no-shows for reservations and privacy concerns (i.e. you know owner X just started charging, so the car is potentially available for an easy break-in). A related problem is those that are shopping or doing other errands, who may be finished charging but haven’t returned yet, consuming a reserved space longer than expected.


Tesla now provides on-screen status of each Supercharger location indicating how many stalls are in use. Tesla also has far more Supercharger stalls and locations now so that no booking is needed.  The addition of idle fees and charging 2-3 times faster with newer cars has also helped.  We’re going to consider this solved.

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     Created 10-Jun-2015


On Tesla's super charger web page Tesla could display the statistics for that particular SC (% used by day of week). Also a real-time display of the number of stalls free/empty. Users could create a favorite Web page for the SC on their Model S web browser.
    Created 1-Jan-2016
In future this may become feasible/necessary.  For now in all SC locations across the 20 states I have driven through, the only problem has been ICE vehicles parked in charging locations.  Any such system would have to detect blocked locations even if they are not connected/charging.
    Created 2-Sep-2015
There should be some way to tell how busy a supercharger station is before you get there. Not sure about reservations per se, but number of available stalls would be useful to know, like all other EV charging systems have in their apps.
    Created 1-Aug-2015
IMHO this is not feasible because some people are just plain inconsiderate of others.  If there are Supercharger sites with this much traffic I think Tesla would be remiss in not installing more stalls.
    Created 4-Jul-2015