Sunscreen for Pano Roof


Now Implemented!


Offer a sunscreen for the glass pano roof.


Commonly available on most sunroofs.


Some of the time while the Pano roof was an option on the Model S, Tesla offered a sunscreen. There are third-party sunscreens too.

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     Created 9-Mar-2013


It's a $150 option in the Tesla Store.
    Created 16-Oct-2015
I am very glad there is no sunshade personally.
    Created 4-Jan-2014
But, when you are riding with the pano roof open, it would be nice if there were a shade so the glare on the center console is not so apparent.  Also, it would be nice if we could have the roof all the way open without it sounding like it is going to get blown off...but the sunshade screen, while roof is open, would really be nice.
    Created 31-Dec-2013
So far, most owners seem to be happy without sunshades. The glass roof blocks 98% of visible light and 81% of infra red light, anyway. Given the limited head room in the Model S, and the already huge crossbar in the middle of the pano roof, I definitely do not want anything else there to fiddle with.

Originally, the pano roof was announced without sunshades. That was long before the first Get Amped tours, let alone the first deliveries. At that time, there was quite a bit of excitement in Tesla's own forums about how a pano roof is completely useless without sunshades. To put oil on the troubled waters, Tesla added the manual sunshade to the vehicle specification. It is my personal assumption that possibly they never intended to deliver a sunshade for their pano roof, they are just still waiting for the last critics to find out that they don't need it, at which point they will probably silently remove it from their specs page.
    Created 27-Mar-2013
As of this minute the Options & Pricing page on the Tesla website continues to state, "Manual sunshades and wind buffet arm are included.", when quoting the features associated with the Panoramic Roof.
    Created 16-Mar-2013