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Install a subwoofer for deeper bass from the audio system along with a separate subwoofer amplifier.


There are plenty of third-party products in a wide range of sizes and capacities. The rear trunk footwell is likely the best spot for adding a subwoofer, assuming no rear-facing seats are installed. A decent speaker amplifier combo will start at $300 plus installation costs, and easily top $2000 for a high-end system.

To install your own subwoofer on early versions of the Model S, check out our DIY instructions at:


A powered 8″ Subwoofer is standard now in all S/X, and available as standard in premium versions of other models.

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     Created 9-Dec-2012


any examples of where to power and ground an amp in a tesla model x (2017). Amp is for one sub only.
    Created 4-Nov-2019
The Subwoofer location can just about be anywhere. It's sound can't be easily localized by the human ear. It's one reason why audio systems are 5.1 or 7.1, the ".1" is the subwoofer. It doesn't need to be in stereo.  So placement in the front or rear will make little difference to the perceived sound quality.
    Created 20-Feb-2015
A subwoofer should be standard in all systems like in many lesser priced vehicles.
    Created 4-Feb-2015
I got the Reuse audio upgrade for my model S and it significantly improved the clarity. The upgrade consisted of a replacement for the sub with a sealed 10" sub and a new amp plus replacing the two tweeters and adding a third tweeter mounted behind the rear-view mirror. The improvement over the sound studio was significant. I think Tesla could provide a similar upgrade for less cost if they so desired.
    Created 3-May-2014
I don't think it's deeper base that the system needs. Rather, I'd like more clarity in the base.
    Created 24-Jan-2014