No Easy Entry Profile Timeout in Park



Disable the automatic “Easy Entry” profile if sitting in the car for an extended time period.


When in Park and sitting in the car, at a charger, for example, the car will allow the driver to have the seat in the profile position. However, if the driver doesn’t tap the brake every few minutes, the car will automatically adjust to “Easy Access” as if you were not in the car.

The car knows you are sitting in the driver’s seat, and the door has not opened. Why would I suddenly want “easy access” to kick in?

The same problem occurs if waiting at a railroad crossing. If you put the car in park, after several minutes, it will kick in easy access, even though you are still sitting in the car, waiting for a train to clear. Not an issue if you don’t go into Park, but then you have to hold the brake anyway (for older cars without brake hold).


This is a problem with older Model S prior to brake hold. Brake hold eliminates the issue for some scenarios.


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     Created 1-Jan-2021

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Agreed. I often find myself waiting in the car. Charging, waiting for a ferry, etc and the car just decides to go into easy entry mode. Since I have easy entry move the seat forward, if I've got my seatbelt on, I get compressed into the seat. This can potentially become a safety hazard even.
    Created 5-Sep-2021