Static Cruise Control


Now Implemented!


Maintain cruise control speed while going up or down hills.


My Mercedes will maintain the speed I set in the cruise control even if going downhill. So if I select 75 MPH on the cruise, it maintains that exact speed uphill and downhill so I don’t have to worry about getting a speeding ticket. Since Tesla buys the steering wheel stalk to control the cruise control from Mercedes, all it would take is a reprogram to apply the brakes when necessary.


Tesla offers traffic-aware cruise control since about 2014.  It maintains the speed when no car is in front, going up or downhills.

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     Created 7-Jan-2013


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Thom EM
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When I wrote this comment I had only test driven the S and I didn't understand how the cruise worked fully. Now that I have my S I'm happy to report that the S does have a static cruise control. Is there a way to remove my OP?
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    Created 26-Mar-2013
From what I can tell, the Model S already does this.  When going downhill, it maintains the set speed...but maybe that is only within the regen limit and it doesn't actually apply brakes.
    Created 13-Jan-2013