App Control Seat Heater/Defrost


Now Implemented!


From the phone app, have an option to start the seat heaters (at the very least for the driver) and rear window defroster, front defrost, and possibly even the heated wipers if a winter package is installed.

Could be made as simple as a check box that enables/disables these functions when the heating is remotely started.

Steering heat would be a bonus.




Remote seat heaters now available in the app. Car requires 2018.48.12.1 or later. When the climate control remote activated, seats will automatically set on if already set on (takes a few seconds to show on the app). You can then toggle them on the display. You can also turn on the defroster.  With cabin heat, you can warm up the car and windows.

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     Created 17-Dec-2014


urgently needed!
    Created 9-Jan-2017
And add control for Heated Steering Wheel
    Created 5-Jan-2017
Both Leaf's I've owned have done this since 2012. It's one of my favorite winter features. Really miss it in my X, especially having the steering wheel warm when I get in.
    Created 25-Nov-2016
Hard to imagine why this still hasn't been done. What a treat to be able to sit down on a warm seat, and CCR is correct that this cuts down on inefficient heat use.
    Created 25-Feb-2016
Definitely needed!
    Created 31-Jan-2016
Should include similar control over rear window/mirrior heating and wiper heating (if installed).
    Created 21-Jan-2016
Agreed. This recommendation is also likely to reduce the amount of energy used, since the rear window would not require to be defrosted by the hot air from the HVAC system. It takes long time for the HVAC system to defrost the rear window and the HVAC system has a high power consumption.

Also the remote activation of the seat heat, would also give the driver an incentive to run the HVAC system at a low temperature, which would save energy for shorter trips.
    Created 4-Jan-2016
Yepp seat heating is quite efficient handy by app
    Created 11-Apr-2015
Agreed!  It should be simple to give complete climate control options such as AC on off, etc.  Would be very convenient as I preheat or cool the car almost every day and often the last settings are not what I want at the time.
    Created 19-Dec-2014