Spoken Manual Pages



Offer for each page in the manual a button that will read out loud the content of that page in your native language with the default voice used by Tesla (navigation).


With text to speech, this is not costly of difficult to realize. However, some software will need to be made to process special parts of the text and where images have been inserted. Implementing this can improve road safety, as the driver can listen to the manual being read while keeping his or her eyes on the road. This feature is currently not available at the competition.



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     Created 30-Aug-2018

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That would be quite easy to implement! The manual is using the browser to be displayed, all they need to do is to pass the innerText content to speech API of the browser and play it. Probably less than a day of work to a Frontend engineer including to add the UI button to play the content.
    Created 30-Jan-2019