Improve Ventilated Seat Heat/Cool Control


Now Implemented!


With ventilated seats, if the temperature below 70 degrees, the control defaults to the seat heater option first. When it is 70 degrees or above default to Ventilated seat on/off.


With ventilated seats, currently, the control defaults to ventilation and you must press it 4 times to make it start toggling to heat the seats (with 8.1+ software).

Moderator: Ventated seats were removed in the 2019 time frame, and were added back with the mid-2021 refresh.


Implemented in the mid-2021 Model S/X with “Auto” option to automatically select heat or cooling.

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     Created 7-Apr-2017

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Seat heater controls too easily turned on accidentally. Relocate the icons or allow hotter climate owners to disable seat heater operation.
    Created 2-May-2019