Smart Phone Replaces the Key Fob


Now Implemented!


Have the phone detected and used in place of a FOB.


There is no reason for everyone to carry around a key fob when your phone can do all the same functions and more. When you approach your Model S, this feature would have the car detect your phone via Bluetooth and presents the handles. The phone, at the same time, would also automatically display the Tesla App allowing you to open the trunk, lower all windows, etc. One less thing to carry in your pocket (and one less thing to lose).

No other car has a feature like this.


The Model 3 and Y offer this feature.  For the S/X, the Tesla phone app can unlock and start the car. It is not automatic (i.e. when the phone is nearby) but automatic operation expected in a future release.

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     Created 28-Apr-2013


I think you'd need a backup for various reasons, like the Model 3 has (and needs, based on owner reports of unreliability of the phone key).  But there's no HW in the S/X for an rfid card, so you'd need to have the fob with you anyway.
    Created 15-Sep-2018
I like the feature as a backup, but still have to carry my house keys so it's not a big deal to still have the fob.
    Created 3-Aug-2018
You'd need to carry a fob in the car so that valet parking would be possible ...... Don't think I'd want to hand over my phone.
    Created 4-Dec-2016
I think the fob is too small, i rarely use it, the phone is more convenient
    Created 6-Mar-2016
Might be too easy to spoof / fake and get entry.
    Created 27-Jan-2015
One potential problem is the range of bluetooth. When I'm in my office, my phone connects to the hands free of my Leaf when my wife pulls up to the building. If it does the same using BT for the locks it would be something I'd not want to use. Same might go for people parking close to their house. (Unfortunately I don't have that "problem".)
    Created 31-Oct-2013
great idea, has to be coming via bluetooth or near field communication.
    Created 28-Jun-2013
I would be okay with it being implemented using NFC if bluetooth presents a problem for some reason.
    Created 10-May-2013