Slipstream Following another Tesla Closely



With Autopilot and agreement between vehicles, allow one Tesla vehicle to tailgate another Tesla vehicle to reduce power consumption.


The lead vehicle could communicate driving intentions allowing perfect synchrony and very close distance.

There could even be a reward system so that if you allow connected slipstreaming behind you the car behind pays you a little per mile to use your drag.

Tesla trains!

Moderator: This may be illegal to do in many states, but if made safe, perhaps the laws could be changed. Such a feature is planned for the Tesla Semi.



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     Created 25-Jan-2020


I hope this is in a grand plan for all vehicles to one day communicate like this proposal
    Created 1-Oct-2020
Such a system is under development in Europe for trucks. Up to 6 trucks in a row with only 5 feet distance. The front vehicle does all the controls; the others are just following with no activities from the drivers. I have viewed a test 2 years ago of 200 miles with 6 trucks. If the front driver needs a rest, one of the others drives up front. Saves a lot of energy.
    Created 30-Sep-2020