Larger Font Size Option


Now Implemented!


The time and temperature are only 12 point type on both displays. An option for larger sizes would make it more readable for those of us with poorer vision.




Implemented in v5.9 Software

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     Created 30-Dec-2013


I see comments that people not able to read small fonts on the screen should not drive a car. This is totally bollocks, as older people can usually see things that are meters away perfectly, but need reading glasses for things that are near. This is because the lenses stiffen and will not adjust as much, but the vision is as sharp as before.

Myself, I am over 50 and have encountered the need for reading glasses. When driving my tesla, I see signs as good as in younger days, but the clock and temperature on the screen I cannot see without putting on glasses. They are too near. To make it easier for "elderly", having the option to double the size of the smallest font would be great.

Lacking this, I use progressive glasses, no correction on top, and +1.5 downwards. Works great in the car but I have to move my head actively. Increasing the smallest font sizes would allow me to drive without glasses at all.
    Created 4-Mar-2023
This is implemented in 5.9

Although, for some people, it can never be big enough. I wonder if they should drive a car, though ;-)
    Created 27-Mar-2014

Huge Idea

    Created 13-Mar-2014
Good idea!


    Created 4-Mar-2014