Show Miles-to-Destination in Speedo Console


Now Implemented!


While driving, it is common to compare projected/rated/ideal range to miles-to-go in the Nav system. It would be good to show the Nav miles-to-go in the speedo console.




Implemented in the Navigation pane on all models, perhaps in the 2015 time period.

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     Created 6-Jan-2013


Agree that navigation system information should be presented in the drivers speedo console display. The information should include (to sum up the different suggestions/recommendations):

  • Distance to destination.

  • ETA for destination.

  • Energy left upon arrival at destination.

Recommend the energy information to turn yellow and red using the same criteria as for the google map navigation on the 17 " screen, when arrival at destination is predicted to be skosh. The text that suggests the driver to drive slowly to reach destination, should be displayed in the drivers speedo console display.
    Created 4-Jan-2016
EVTripPlanner will be launching an in-car Nav companion app that will run in the browser.  Among other things, it will show Rated Miles to Next Charger (conventional or super) and your destination and current elevation. I will feature real-time re-routing based on current location and traffic conditions. In the meantime, make sure to check out the Route Energy Planner newest version at !
    Created 12-Dec-2014
+ or - range left at destination would be great.  I have long commutes and am always tracking this in my head.

When operating close to the limits, even a suggested avg speed to help manage any deficit would be nice.
    Created 23-Nov-2014
This could be as easy as making the copy of the touchscreen Energy App plot (that appears on the instrument panel) an exact copy including the projected range remaining. Also, the selected averaging options from the Energy App should be sticky rather than defaulting to "instantaneous", ideally to the driver profile.
    Created 14-Jan-2014
Thom EM
Absolutely need this on the upper dash display.  When navigating, this window appears on the main display, and the numbers should be displayed for the driver on the upper dash.  There's plenty of real estate there, in unused areas on the map.

Remember to integrate this with multi-point navigation when it is implemented.
    Created 14-Jun-2013
Instead of displaying "Miles to go", it should be more the "energy left at destination" that you want to see. I suggest that the speedo console should show the projected/rated/ideal charge left at destination depending on the mode you are. So you can adapt the way you drive to be close to how much energy you want at destination (0 if you can plug your car)

It's another way to display the type of information you are asking for, isn't it?
    Created 3-Feb-2013