List Installed Vehicle Options


Now Implemented!


Offer an option within the vehicle to list every feature installed. This would include purchased features (paint color, lights, dual chargers, cold weather package, air suspension, etc.) and after purchase features that were bought, such as AP, EAP, and FSD.


Many new owners of used Tesla vehicles routinely ask or don’t already understand the car’s installed features. The list should include features that perhaps were once options, but are now standard on new cars to ensure clarity.


Mostly implemented with software version 10.2.  Under Controls -> Software you can see what options, such as Full Self Driving has been purchased. Hardware items installed (both original and retrofits) appear when tapping the  “Additional Vehicle Information”  link.

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     Created 3-Apr-2019


I like this. When you purchase FSD after delivery, how do you know it was implemented/turned on...  (I know and am waiting for the hardware upgrade, however, it took 3 calls to Tesla Cust Serv to verify it was registered on my M3!)
    Created 2-Dec-2019
I agree with this!
    Created 22-Nov-2019