Show Battery Status as % Available


Now Implemented!


Currently, we have rated range, ideal, various projected ranges. This seems like fuzzy math on how much battery life is left. It should show it as 0 to 100%.


Moderator: The range/battery is currently shown as a % bar both at the top of the main display and below the speedometer, so this may not be necessary.


Implemented in v6.2 software as an option under control, settings.

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     Created 13-May-2013


The existing fractional readings could be made more readably quantitative, as they are to some degree in the remote app. For metric system, 10% tic marks are adequate, and for "American" units, why not put the tics at 1/8 tank intervals, as done for ICE autos?
    Created 14-Jan-2014
Thom EM
For those of us that travel the same route over and over again, a percentage might be more useful than a guestimate. That's how my old Think indicates battery charge (no fancy fuzzy logic involved), and it works rather well. My Leaf has the Guess'O'Meter, and since I live in a rather hilly district, the remaining distance indicated is usually more confusing than useful.
    Created 31-Oct-2013
I actually agree with the editor. There is already a bar it two locations for this. Having another number is not really useful. The exact percentage is about as useful as any other number because it means nothing if you have a heavy foot one minute and calm the next.
    Created 4-Jun-2013