Set Cruise Control Speed to Current



Offer an option to set the TACC speed to the current speed (Model 3/Y).


Pull the right lever once to engage the TACC. The maximum speed is based on GPS, nice! Improvement: Hold the lever for 1 or 2 seconds to set the maximum speed to the current driving speed.



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     Created 20-Jun-2019


The current Model 3 behaviour of having cruise control set itself to the current speed limit is just insane. The speed limit is just that: a limit not a target.

At least once IN EVERY SINGLE JOURNEY I find myself in a situation where I would have used cruise had I been in my old car but can't in the Model 3 because it would go dangerously too fast before I could dial it down.

What makes this behaviour even more bizarre is that using the scroll button to change the set speed is so easy and natural. Is it just me, or would it be far more sensible to have cruise activate at the current speed of the car and then use the scroll wheel to increase it if needs be?
    Created 16-Jul-2020
Surely the Cruise Control maxing at the prevailing speed limit is a simple matter?

Call it CC+ or something and give me that.

A +n kph set in a preferences field would help.
    Created 26-May-2020
Another implementation idea to throw into the fray.  I know it may look complicated, but I think will feel simple and trust worthy in real life.

First a couple definitions (note my numbers here are km/hr):

GPS speed limit: the speed limit as expected by GPS.

Manually set speed: GPS speed limit when TACC/AP is initiated, or,

if the scroll wheel is rolled down, min(current speed,Manually set speed -1 or -5)

if the scroll wheel is rolled up, min(GPS speed limit+10,max(current speed,Manually set speed +1 or +5))

if the scroll wheel is rolled up again quickly after,min(GPS speed limit+10,max(current speed, manually set speed +5, GPS speed limit+offset))

Control speed: the speed the car will attempt to attain while in TACC/AP.

Then simply: Control speed = min(GPS speed limit+10, Manually set speed)
    Created 9-Oct-2019
I would say have a toggle in the UI to set TACC to either current speed or the speed limit. If you choose current speed, you should be able to tap a speed limit sign on the UI to set to that speed. To resume, I agree a long press would work well.
    Created 8-Oct-2019
I don't agree with the exact proposed improvent solution, but I upvoted because not being able to store car's current speed is one of the biggest nuisances I have with my M3. Every other car that I've driven with a cruise control have been able to do it, but not the 70 KEur Tesla :|

My alternative proposal is as follows:

  1. Light stalk press: use map speed limit +/- offset

  2. Full stalk press: store current speed

  3. Restoring previous stored speed could be maybe long-pressing, but the UI should then also show what this stored speed is. Restoring is however not that critical IMO.

Having it like this, would mean that also the AP would engage from the current speed and there would not be any unintentional acceleration after engaging TACC or AP.
    Created 7-Sep-2019