Auto Mirror Unfold at Specific Speed



When manually closing the side mirrors (or set to close at a specific GPS location, such as entering a tight garage), if the owner later forgets to unfold the mirrors, they will automatically open at 30 mph.

Offer an option to set the speed at which the mirrors unfold.


As background, the feature originally was set to 10 mph, but a number of owners requested a higher speed before auto-unfold. Starting with 2017.42, Tesla increased the speed to 30 mph for auto-unfold.



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     Created 24-Apr-2018


I'd also want them to unfold if I use the signal light stock.  Speed is also a good trigger; I'd set mine to ~20kph (10mph).
    Created 13-Oct-2019
A nice option might be to link it to the auto open/close of garage doors. They would fold when you come home and door opens; and unfold after you exit garage and door closes.
    Created 26-Jun-2018
Alternatively, a warning could be made, similarly as seat belt warning.
    Created 25-Jun-2018
The feature is intended as a safety enhancement should one forget to unfold the mirrors and realize at the moment they are needed they are not available.  For instance, if the town speed limit is 25 mph and the mirrors don't unfold until 30 mph, you could be driving without side view mirrors indefinitely.  It is also Tesla's design concept that everything is as automated as possible; pushing a button for functions that can be automated would be "old fashion."
    Created 3-May-2018
I don't know that this is worth the effort:  If you look at the mirrors and see they are folded in, a simple push of a button (on the driver's door) fixes the problem.
    Created 3-May-2018