Set Locations To Turn Sentry Mode On



Offer the option to only turn on Sentry mode at select GPS locations, perhaps with a 500-foot radius.


Sentry Mode is a great feature and the ability to leave it on all the time could be very useful for some. However, since battery drain can become a huge problem we have to be careful with using it that way.

It’s very helpful that we’re able to enter locations where we can make sure that Sentry Mode is kept off. But how about taking it a step further by also allowing us to keep it off by default and allowing us to create a list of locations where we would like it to automatically turn itself on. Kind of a mirror image of the way the feature currently works. If you visit only one or two places where Sentry Mode is necessary the battery issue doesn’t become a problem.

I go to a health club where occasionally there is vandalism in the parking lot. There are also more than a few careless drivers who do mostly minor, but sometimes worse, damage to their vehicles and then skip off without leaving a note. It’s an aggravating situation that might correct itself if one of the guilty parties were caught in the act, and found themselves starring in a YouTube video or two.

I think this would also be helpful in making it more difficult to leave Sentry Mode on accidentally, something I did recently when parking in a friend’s garage for five days, while I left town. The result was a very low battery when I returned. Luckily I had just enough juice to get to a local Supercharger. If it was winter time I’d have really been in trouble!



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     Created 2-Jul-2019