Set Display Screen to Wood Trim Motif



Have an option to turn the screen to show nothing but a background, such as wood grain or carbon fiber to match the car’s decor. The bottom functions would likely remain to easily get out of this mode or tap anywhere on the screen.


Sometimes I just want to chill out and listen to good music while I drive along familiar routes. I don’t want the large display screen to lighten up the cabin or be distracting in any way. Rather, I want the ability to “blackout” the large display screen on the Model S/X by having the entire screen adopt the motif of that car’s particular trim. You would still have the apps on the dash display. Overall, the look would be simple, quiet, and elegant. This might be an app one would find in the toolbox.

Moderator: Not quite as good, but there is a screen cleaning mode that makes the screen black.



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     Created 28-Sep-2019


These options still aren't the same.  It would be like a "screensaver" mode for computes, but it would be a solid trim motif.  I just think it would be so cool to have.  (and, frankly, very easy to do from a programming standpoint.)
    Created 17-May-2020
Or, you could set up the fireplace on the screen.
    Created 3-Jan-2020
You can already do this today via the web browser.
    Created 6-Oct-2019