Battery Warm-up Control


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Create a phone/app/car setting that activates battery warm-up, regardless of internal temperature setting, prior to starting a trip.


This startup could be for a number of minutes, or as a countdown to anticipated departure time. Currently, I don’t believe cabin temperature initiation will bring the battery up to temperature sufficiently. This energy-burning activity would be ‘less costly’ if it could be affected prior to unplugging from the wired source. Secondly, it may be advantageous (Safer?) if this same capability were available even when not plugged in…prior to starting wintry trips, even with its significant hit to the range.


When climate control is on (remotely or locally) and power is available from the charging connection, the battery will be heated if needed. Added with v5.9 software.

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     Created 29-Nov-2013


I believe that battery heating occurs only if the temperature is "close" to freezing. I've charged the car in the garage for an hour with range mode off and cabin heat on, but regen is still significantly reduced. I think this is because the garage temp is in the mid-40s while outside to is much colder. A way to warm the battery enuf to get full regen when leaving the garage would be great.
    Created 4-Apr-2018
Since our MS's have the ability to use the internet, why can't it see the local weather conditions, then see that it is connected to shore power and do it's own thinking when considering to warm a 'cold soaked' battery??

This car is suppose to be very forward thinking, when it come to automation.
    Created 8-Sep-2015
Implemented in 5.9 according to the release notes. I have not verified this yet.

When you're connected to shore power and you preheat the cabin, the battery will also be preheated.

I doubt whether this is really the case. I frequently have less regen even though I preheated the car. Or does it take more than approx. 15 minutes?


    Created 27-Jan-2015
Implemented in 5.9 according to the release notes. I have not verified this yet.

When you're connected to shore power and you preheat the cabin, the battery will also be preheated.
    Created 27-Mar-2014
With more experience, I see the need for this feature. Charging in the late evening, the batteries can be very cold by the next morning, with regen disabled, even with the car plugged in all night. That doesn't seem right. We are all told that a happy Model S is a plugged in Model S. The implication is that the batteries will automatically be kept in thermal condition at all times when plugged in, but this is not the case. Even worse, I've seen claims (on TMC) that both cabin AND battery pre-warming come from battery power, rather than from the wall, once charging has registered complete. Of course it would also be a good idea to be able to disable/enable this feature for unusual circumstances.


My previous comments only apply to starting driving after cold soak without being plugged in:

Concur with Volker's point that this is already automatic with charging. In the event that a range charge is already in place, so there is no room for additional charging, the thing to do is start driving to minimize time spent at full charge, as I understand it.

There probably is not any advantage for the battery to condition itself before driving. Some benefit will be obtained just from using the battery to propel the car, reducing the amount of extra energy needed for the battery conditioning system, so the advantage is again to start driving.
    Created 30-Jan-2014
Thom EM
One way to achieve the desired purpose with the tools we already have at hand, would be to set up the car to charge for considerable time immediately before leaving for a trip. Charging warms up the battery in a similar way as driving, and if the battery is too cold or too warm, attempting to charge will trigger the car to condition it accordingly.
    Created 3-Dec-2013