Separate Cabin Heat vs A/C Temperatures



Offer the ability to set different cabin automatic heat vs. cooling temperatures. The car would stay between the 2 temps when running.


For example, 64 degrees for heat and 74 for cooling. When above 74, cool, between 74 and 64, use the vent only, and below 64 use heat.

This might save energy. My home thermostat allows setting different heat vs A/C temperatures.



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     Created 19-Oct-2019


Sometimes I just want outside air.  It's 50 degrees outside, and I'm hot.  I don't want heat or AC, just air flow.  Can't turn on heat without also turning on AC.  Would be nice if they were separate options.
    Created 1-Jan-2021
Sounds good, but in a car, the windows tend to get fogged up pretty quickly without the A/C on, even at the moderate temperatures given in the example.
    Created 31-Oct-2020
This would be great for saving energy camping.  Say it's nighttime and getting cold outside, I'm willing to have the car go to 60F or 15C, but I won't want it to turn on the air conditioning to get it there.
    Created 15-Oct-2020
I see a Mother Frunker video ( ) that uses the Tasker Plugin for Tesla to do much of this on an android device. So until Tesla implements the above suggestion, I guess I can run a Tasker task each time the temperature has changed significantly when I get in my Model 3.
    Created 8-Jan-2020
You can do this with Tasker, lookup Mother Funker videos on YouTube
    Created 3-Jan-2020
could be implemented with a +/- X degrees option
    Created 6-Nov-2019

1-2kw of juice is used by the cabin heater consistently when you are just trying to cool the car down only with AC. If its not humid out then you don't need to re-heat / dehumidify the air that you just cooled down.

    Created 23-Oct-2019