Sentry Mode Without Headlight Flashes



Offer an option to not flash the headlights when someone walks by and Sentry mode is active.


I love using Sentry mode on my car to capture and record video of any motion near my car while it’s parked and unattended. The in-car sentry mode screen warning is also great to warn someone that is peeking inside my windows.

However, I tend to avoid using sentry mode because it flashes the exterior lights at anybody that casually walks past my car, drawing unnecessary attention from someone that would have normally walked past my car and not even given it a second look.

I park in a crowded parking garage at work and gym, so people are walking near my car all the time. And the dark garage only draws even more attention to the flashing headlights.

I only want the lights to flash if someone bangs on the car and the security alarm gets triggered (horn and lights together).



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     Created 29-Oct-2019


This is absolutely necessary. I can't have sentry mode enabled at home because it flashes every car that drives by -.- and with that, dozens of events triggered as well.
    Created 29-Mar-2021
I can't use Sentry mode at night at the moment because the slightest breeze in the trees triggers a headlight flash straight at my neighbour's house dozens of times a night.

The ability to enable 'Stealth Sentry' mode would be fantastic.
    Created 3-Jan-2020