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Have the ability to plan a trip on a PC (i.e. at home) or via a Tesla browser portal and download the multi-stop plan to the car’s navigation.


Would really like the luxury of being able to sit at my desk; or perhaps my couch with a tablet, plan a trip, and then send that trip plan to the car.

Additionally, once you plan your trip, and push it to the car, the car would know to engage the additional battery charging for “trip-capacity” right before your trip (early enough depending on the real-time charging amperage).

If the car knew it was on a trip, additional car behavior could also be influenced, such as residual climate (leaving on AC/heat) during Supercharging stops.

I’d imagine that any private aircraft pilots would associate this concept with a “flight plan” filed with the FAA as would any south Florida boaters that file “float plans” with CBP before heading off to the Bahamas on their private vessel.

Also, for anyone that enjoyed the now-deprecated Chrome-to-Phone app, this would be a similar concept. Chrome-to-phone offered a browser plug-in that would take whatever web page or map you were looking at and send it to your Android-based phone, with the click of a single button, so that you’d have what you need while mobile. Many people used this for trip-planning.

Moderator: As an interim trick today – You can create multiple calendar entries, each with a destination address. In the car after the calendar syncs, you have a list of each address that only requires a single click to start the navigation for each address.



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But can it support finding a place to east fast when you're hungry in Hungary?
    Created 20-Apr-2018
Also see:

for the kinds of features that make trip planning easy and effective.

Longer term, consider a user authorized  local-to-car web browser interface that allows navigation requests to be sent from the route planning web application (RPWA) to the car's navigation system.   Several security modes seem desirable:

  1.  Driver Authorizes RPWA for a period of time with periodic approval.

  2.  Driver Authorizes RPWA for next Navigation request.

  3.  Driver Authorizes RPWA for a planned trip.

  4.  Driver Authorizes RPWA for each Navigation request.

Longer term consider RPWA informing an enhanced auto-pilot that knows about navigation objectives.  Think of the future advertisements possibilities like " Download your FREE route plan to see the beautiful Grand Canyon.", from Travel Arizona.  Or even, "Hungary?, click here to route to the nearest <fast-food emporium>!" by injecting way-points.
    Created 20-Apr-2018
Once more : EVtripplanner does the job regarding to planning the trip. (incl wind speed, outdoor and cabin temp, rest % of battery required

Tesla might consider talking to the developper of EVtripplanner to optimise the graphics of his planner (GUI) and to enable sending the results to the car.
    Created 6-Oct-2016
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