Send an Address To The Car


Now Implemented!


Allow sending an navigation address to the car remotely via the web.


Through Google maps I can send to my BMW an address or a series of addresses. This really nice to have desired location already in car so it just has to be selected to navigate. Yes you could put the addresses in your contacts but why clutter up your phone for a one-time event.


Implemented in v6.2 software via the Calendar feature.

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     Created 3-Feb-2015


No Calendar on the Model 3 as of 18.24.1
    Created 28-Jul-2018
It's not really the same thing to have to enter it into my Google Calendar. I was really anxious to have this feature because I love it in my 2014 Mercedes GL SUV, but once I tried entering addresses and POIs a few times, I realized I don't need it. Even street addresses take usually 2-4 taps to find exactly the address I want, and POIs usually require 2-4 taps to have the desired POI appear in the top 3 results. Usually takes me about 5 seconds to set the destination.
    Created 1-Nov-2015
Calendar works well for one-time sequence of locations.
    Created 18-Aug-2015
The BMW i3 has this feature.  Another easy to implement via OTA download.
    Created 23-Mar-2015
Calendar works well for this for me.
    Created 4-Feb-2015