Scroller to Move Through Favorites or Stations


Now Implemented!


There should be a setting that dictates whether the steering wheel control moves through your favorites list, or whether you want it to scan to the next station. For example, I may wish to move from XM station 93 to XM 94 on the wheel. Presently it moves to my next favorite.


Software only.


Implemented in version 5.0 software (not scroller, but left steering prev/next buttons)

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     Created 28-Jun-2013


I disagree that this has been implemented. On my 2020 Model S Raven, I've noticed an odd discrepancy when I use the scroller to move between stations:

  • On the Streaming Music source (just plain ol' Internet radio - not TuneIn) it will cycle through my favourites.

  • However, on the XM source (SiriusXM) it cycles through the ALL station list.

This inconsistency is very annoying. So I think having the ability to configure whether the scroll wheel cycles through favourites or all channels for that music source would be very useful.
    Created 27-Feb-2021
Even better - scroll controls list of Slacker pop-up songs/artists and different choices that pop up on Nav.
    Created 2-Jul-2013