Seat/Steering Position Sequence


Now Implemented!


Switch the seat and steering wheel position sequence when the profile is changed so the steering wheel moves before the seat. Better would be an option to specify in the profile which moves first (seat or wheel).


I have a profile for EXIT and the current sequence is for the seat to move and then the steering wheel. I’m 5’7″ and sit pretty close to the steering wheel, so whenever a driver profile is selected the steering wheel should move away from the driver first.


Not sure when the change was made, but now both the steering wheel and seat move at the same time.  We’re going to consider this implemented as likely a better solution than choosing which one starts first.

Another feature suggestion to move the seat/wheel on exit automatically might be a better solution.

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     Created 10-Nov-2016


This should be the easiest hing to accomplish and is certainly one of the most important.

I'm 6'-1" and I can get out as soon as I tile the steering wheel up. Having to wait for the seat to move back before the steering wheel tilts up is just a waste of time.
    Created 2-Mar-2017
Why is the system limited to doing one before the other?  It would be desirable to have both steering wheel and seat move at the same time.  Or make this an option if you don't like it.
    Created 30-Nov-2016
On my first trip, (bringing the vehicle from the dealer to home, 1400 miles) I made a profile for 'Enter-Exit' and moved the  seat all the way back, all the way tilted forward and the steering wheel all the way In and Up.  Works for me,  UMMV
    Created 24-Nov-2016