Seat Heater Off Without Passenger



Option for passenger seat heater to remain off if no passenger is in the seat, but is on if someone is sitting there.


My fiance has her seat heater on almost all of the time and it stays on until manually turned off, no matter if a person is sitting in the passenger seat or not (waste of energy).

It would be ideal to have this as another setting that is remembered with driver profiles.



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     Created 4-Feb-2015


When I take out some pizza, I like to use seat heater to keep it warm, even there is no passenger
    Created 28-Sep-2021
So, seat heat would turn off on the passenger seat if the seat is empty, and the car is in motion.   But, seat heat could stay on if the car is parked/off/in a pre-heat mode.

    Created 31-Jan-2019
Um, when I preheat the car using the app I would like to have my driver's seat warm up as well.
    Created 2-Jan-2019
Sounds like a great idea and simple to implement via OTA download.
    Created 23-Mar-2015
this should also be enabled for the rear seats

and they can use a combination of the seat sensor and seat belt sensor
    Created 5-Mar-2015
I totally agree. I have posted something similar earlier on. Auto off does work for the rear seats however! Why not make this enable for the front?
    Created 5-Mar-2015
Yep. And....I am pretty sure there is a seat sensor for the passenger air bag, so I would think this is a simple feature to implement
    Created 5-Feb-2015