Delayed Seat Belt Alert




Delay the Seat Belt alert by 30 seconds before the notification starts.


I typically get in the car and get the radio, my phone in place, and the GPS settings before putting on my seat belt but instantly the seatbelt warnings start. Please set a delay before the seat belt notification starts

Moderator: Not legal in the USA, unless you replace the airbags with automatic seat belts. Regulations require the alert and do not allow for any kind of delay.


Cannot be done without changes to regulatory law.

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     Created 7-Oct-2017


My Mercedes has a much better solution, it does not beep at all unless the car is driving over a few km/h. This makes it possible to move the car in the garage or in the driveway without getting the annoying sounds. It is very seldom I hear beeps in the Mercedes at all, they have made a great job of creating an elegant and non-disturbing solution. And this is not because it is unsafe or does not have warning sounds.

My Model 3 beeps all the time when I use it the same way. Quite unnecessarily and annoying I must say. Do it the elegant way, at least when allowed by regulations like in Europe.
    Created 8-May-2020
For Europe it is legal (to have less warnings ... the driver is responsible)! The noise of the warning is annoying. The sound by other cars (short single "bing" ... which will be double "bing" after some 10 sec. ... and a constant "bings" after 60 sec.) is much more appreciable.
    Created 2-Jan-2018
Set radio, GPS, etc, seat belt, then shift the car into gear - avoids the problem completely.
    Created 25-Nov-2017
I think the reminder is annoying, too. So the first thing I do is put on my seat belt, then I fiddle with everything else.
    Created 1-Nov-2017
I also find this annoying. It would be better if the alert started when the car is put in gear. I've taken to buckling the seat belt before stepping on the brake, but now my first attempt to put the car in gear fails, because there's a short delay between when you step on the brake and when it will engage a gear. It's frustrating, and sometimes embarrassing, to have this super responsive car and I can't get it to go without a momentary stumble.
    Created 7-Oct-2017