Seat Memory from Profile


Now Implemented!


Adjust the position of the driver seat via the driver profile.


My wife is smaller than me, and it is a bit difficult to crawl over the steering wheel to change the seat position.


Implemented around 2018.

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     Created 25-Aug-2015


I think that Tesla should simply add a setting under phone key in the app that has a select driver profile option. When selected profile is chosen the phone key that is detected sets the driver profile settings automatically. Could be expanded beyond seat position to music and climate control settings as well.
    Created 15-Jul-2019
Thank for the different inputs.
Using the key to select the drive profile, has the limitation of 2.
Moving the seat to the rear every time the Tesla is left for parking, uses power and the mecanical parts will suffer.
I find the solution where you able to select the driver profile from the app on the telephone is the best one..
    Created 20-Jan-2016
Seat memory tied to key fob makes a lot of sense; we had a GMC Envoy that did that over a decade ago. When my Tesla delivery specialist was showing me driver profiles I said "and they recall based on which key unlocked the car, right?" and he acted surprised and said "no". Really, why the heck not?
    Created 19-Jan-2016
A lot of people have advised creating an "Exit" profile, but a bit like unplugging the UMC and storing it each day, waiting for the seats and steering wheel to adjust to max settings to make exit easier, gets about as exciting as watching paint dry. It doesnt seem too long the first few times, but it quickly looses its appeal.
    Created 2-Jan-2016
Looking through the posts on TMC, most agree that Tesla is a bit behind most auto manufactures is this regard.
The average mid class auto already have these features.
The FOB in question, must have a distinct I.D. Once that particular FOB is present & a driver is setting upon the driver's seat, the car will activate those settings (HVAC, Radio & Seating), associated with that FOB's, I.D.
At the end of a driving session, the driver activates the Parking Mode, by pressing the Park Button and getting up off the drivers seat switch.
The Exit Profile will then be activated. (steering wheel goes up, seat goes backwards). Exit profile is user adjustable.
This routine will set the car up to receive the next driver. If the next driver isn't the original FOB #1 or FOB #2 owner, this new driver, will manually select the settings suitable for them, but they do not save those settings. :)
Simple logic
    Created 28-Dec-2015
When car is put in park seat should move back anyway to give more room for exit and entering. Can seat figure weight of person. Then if it could it would know witch family member was in seat and auto adjust back to preset.
    Created 22-Oct-2015
The driver profile could also be automatically selected based on which key fob is used to open the car...
    Created 8-Oct-2015
Could always create an "Exit" profile (with the seat right back) that your wife could select on exiting?
    Created 28-Aug-2015