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When using voice control to make a phone call, and more than one choice is available, allow the left scroll to move through the names and click to select. A plus would have it remember the last one selected and highlight that one so only a scroll-click is required.


I hate when I ask for a name and it comes up with ten other names and I have to reach across and touch the desired name. I nearly have a wreck and it would be so much easier if I could just scroll up and down to the desired name.


Implemented before 2021, likely in v10 software.  When more than one choice is made, use the right scroll wheel to move through the list and select.

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     Created 2-Jul-2014

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I totally agree with this request.  It's hazardous to be taking your eyes off the road to select a name to call.  Even when the voice control gets the correct contact with several phone numbers an ability to use the steering wheel select wheels would be very helpful.
    Created 10-Jul-2014