Schedule Climate Control


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Allow the app to schedule activation of climate control (i.e. heat and cool) at a specific time each day of the week. This would allow having the car at a temperature when leaving in the morning. The schedule should allow for each day of the week (i..e typically Monday to Friday).

A plus is an option to specify how long climate control should run (i.e. 5 minutes to 60 minutes) before automatically shutting off if the car is not opened.

A second plus would have the option to ignore turning on Climate control on the schedule if the vehicle does not have land power (i.e. plugged in).


The Nissan Leaf has a climate control scheduling option.

Visible Tesla offers scheduling via a PC or Mac.


Tesla implemented automatic pre-conditioning as an option where it turns on climate. It learns your typical departure time and adjusts the cabin and battery temperatures if needed.

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     Created 27-Nov-2013


I would like to add that the current departure scheduling functionality (2020.12.11) in the car should be extended to support a different time each weekday, to accomodate those of us who work at home some fixed weekdays and/or leave at different times on each weekday.

The same should be available in the app.
    Created 8-May-2020
As I pointed out in the previous suggestion, concerning a cold soaked battery condition.

Tesla can use the internet to check on the local weather conditions and use your time (s), for arrival or departure and set up it's own battery needs.

Just extend this feature to include the cabin temps.

In the app, you merely state your high or low temp needs.
    Created 8-Sep-2015
I'd just like to start the climate control from the App on a hot day when I might leave work early.  Just initiate cooling about 5-10 minutes before I leave the office.
    Created 2-Sep-2015
I fully agree with Temp App AND Battery Pre Conditioning.  This would make a big difference to cold weather range.  I don't even need to schedule the week - just tell it the next time I'll need it and let the car figure the rest out.
    Created 18-Feb-2015
Could it be that the v.6.0 Calendar is a step in this direction?
    Created 18-Sep-2014
Thom EM
Yup, this is exactly what I was telling friends I wish the app could do. Would make the already great remote climate control even better.
    Created 12-May-2014
I would add charging and battery prep


I.e. Ready to go

tell the car I want to leave at 7am and if figures out when charging should finish and prep the battery heat/cool to optimize range based off external temp.
    Created 3-Jan-2014