Save Dashcam Video to the Cloud/Server



Save dashcam/sentry mode video to remotely accessible storage, such as the cloud, Tesla’s servers, or your own server/site. This might occur when you get within the WiFi range at home to reduce cellular bandwidth issues/costs.


Currently, drivers have to keep a large USB in the car, to save such footage. Then if we don’t notice someone has dented our car, and do not press the button to save the last few minutes of footage e.g. whilst parked, we have missed our chance to save the footage of it. I realize saving all the footage would take up a lot of space, but most Tesla owners have high-speed wifi at home, cheap internet data, and cloud storage (dropbox, one drive, etc).

The new v10 software now overrides old footage which is great, but USB drives are not that big. It would be better to allow the user to save a few weeks of data if they wanted to.



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     Created 22-Sep-2019


Especially useful for HW2.0 and could be a source of income for Tesla provided it could be retrieved.

    Created 2-Jan-2020
Not crazy about using Tesla wireless connection for massive amounts of video footage (even if Elon pays for it, because eventually we will all pay for it in one way or another).

I do agree that WiFi connection to my own home server would be cheap and easy and save tons of time.   WiFi link to our home PC is a good feature for a future in-car video management app that is also needed.
    Created 6-Oct-2019
I'd be happy to have it upload to an FTP server or SMB share when on home wifi. This way it's free!
    Created 29-Sep-2019