Safety Camera Database



There are databases of safety/speed cameras. On most Garmin GPS units, you can buy a subscription to the location of safety cameras. When approaching a fixed position safety camera, the nav system gives you an audible alert and visual indication of speed.


To implement this feature you need the ability to integrate safety camera database into the nav system. A Garmin subscription was $25/year but was discontinued in 2020.



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     Created 13-May-2013


Yes, please!

Lacking this, I need a separate device mounted. With speed cameras shown in the map, and with optional audible and visible warnings when closing in at too high speed, this would eliminate the need for secondary devices.
    Created 27-May-2020
My escort radar detector has camera warning through GPS location database. No subscription needed.
    Created 1-Oct-2015
POI Needed
    Created 31-Mar-2015
+1 for thrird party POIs in general.
    Created 27-Jan-2015
this fale into the we want support for 3 party map points

not just traffic cameras, but also charging stations, free parking spaces, and live feed of police cars
    Created 5-Oct-2013
The turn-by-turn navigation that comes with the Tech Package is Navigon. I have Navigon on my Android phone, and it does include this feature. It even includes the option to post new speed traps to the data base "on the fly" (pun!). Here's to hoping that Tesla will expose this feature in the Model S navigation, too!
    Created 14-May-2013