Robotic Charging



Offer a robotic charging, so it parks, opens the charge port door and connects to the charger.


It could increase utilization of charger stalls as cars could automatically repark elsewhere when charging complete, reducing Supercharger crowding and eliminating idle charges.



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     Created 17-May-2019


This is over the top.

    Created 1-Jan-2021
This would be great.  It basically requires a lot of new robotics at the Superchargers and integration with the car and app.  For hotels and shopping centers and other places where people often spend a couple of hours or more, it could be an auto valet service.  You could exit your Tesla at a location convenient to the entrance, and the Tesla could drive itself to the Supercharger, get charged as needed, and then park itself to await your return.  The Tesla would then return to the drop off location when summoned.

Some may remember that years ago some parking garages offered a similar service where your car could  be fueled, washed, and parked while you were away.
    Created 10-Apr-2020
Yes it should unplug itself so you don't have to leave a restaurant just to move your Tesla and avoid overtime charges.  Not easy to do though I don't think, it would take more than software.
    Created 5-Oct-2019
wireless charging would probably be an easier option, much less that can break
    Created 2-Jul-2019