Rim Protector Tires



Have tires made that add a protruding bead to protect the rims from curb rash.


Currently, there are no 245/35R21 tires on the market that helps protect expensive alloy wheels from curb rash that I know of. Hopefully, Tesla can encourage one of its tire manufacturers to design such a tire for its customers.

Moderator: It’s unclear if the rubber in a tire could protect the rims. There are a number of third-party rim protection products available currently like Alloy Gator that is made out of hard plastic.



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     Created 3-Jul-2015


I use Alloy Gators on both my 19" Winter wheels and my 21" Summer wheels. In fact, after 2 years, I've beat them up enough that I should probably order some new ones.
    Created 1-Jan-2016
I, too, am running 21s. I got the rim protectors from EVAnnex. They have saved my rims 4 times now.
    Created 1-Sep-2015
I have the Alloy Gators and they have saved my bacon three times.  They are incredibly strong.  I backed over a large rock on the edge of my drive one day at an angle and it practically ripped the gator out of the wheel and tire because it was solid jagged granite.  But the wheel was perfect.  Well worth the 75USD and effort to install.  I do need to replace the gator, but they give you an extra for spazes like me.

I'm running 21"s.
    Created 9-Jul-2015
Tesla doesn't sell enough cars to warrant a tire manufacturer to change a tires design to add sidewall rim beads.  They are available from 3rd parties and I believe Tesla should be installing these as part of the base price of the cars.  To go even farther I think all  car producers should be doing this.
    Created 5-Jul-2015