Easy HomeLink Activation


Now Implemented!


Make HomeLink easier to activate.

When the HomeLink menu automatically drops down as you enter the location of the remote receiver, clicking the right thumbwheel would activate the HomeLink button highlighted in green. Return the right thumbwheel programming to its previous function when the HomeLink dropdown is retracted. This eliminates the need to lean forward to tap the HomeLink button on the center console and keeps the driver’s eyes on the road.

For multiple HomeLink buttons programmed for the same zone of proximity, you could designate which one should act as the primary to be bound to the thumbwheel. The secondary can still be activated via the touchscreen or selected by scrolling with the thumbwheel.


No other car has this feature.


When I first suggested this feature back in 2013, Tesla’s method for activating HomeLink was relatively primitive. Now that HomeLink is activated automatically, based on GPS, I no longer see a need for this feature to be tied to the thumbwheel.

Moderator: We’ll consider this implemented with the GPS-based auto open and close feature, so no such button function is needed.

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     Created 10-May-2013


I still think this is useful, even with the GPS-based HomeLink.  Sometimes the GPS one doesn't work on my car (leaving the garage), or the garage door opener doesn't see the signal the first time (coming in).  So it would be a convenient way to "signal again" using the opener that's already highlighted.  Plus once i'm in the garage, it would be easy to close the door - reaching over to hit the HomeLink button on the screen is a bit awkward as it's so small at at the top of the screen.
    Created 15-Sep-2018
When I first suggested this feature a few years ago, Tesla's HomeLink activation was fairly primitive. Now that HomeLink is activated automatically based on GPS, I no longer see the need to proceed with this request.
    Created 1-Aug-2016
Agree.  Except that there is no reason to have a single HomeLink setting tied to the right thumbwheel.  When you get within range of any garage/gate, just as the HomeLink list pops up on the display with the correct garage highlighted in green, just have the list pop up on the driver's display with the correct garage selected.  If it's the right one, just click the right thumbwheel.  If it's the wrong one, scroll down to the correct one and then click.  Just like selecting a recent phone number to dial works.
    Created 7-Jan-2014
This something I would find very useful.
    Created 18-Jun-2013
This would really be a handy feature.
    Created 18-May-2013
Seems like a good idea, but might get confusing for those who have more than one garage programmed at the same location.
    Created 10-May-2013