Blind Side Video View


Now Implemented!


Use the cameras on the side of the car to better see blind spot areas. When the blinker is activated the associated camera view is shown.


Honda offers this on some models for the right side. It allows you to see if a car is to your right and behind when you want to change lanes.

Moderator: While blind side indicators on the main screen were implemented in V9 software in October 2018, it does not show actual video of the sides.



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     Created 1-Aug-2016


I have a 2019 Model 3 and a 2020 Model S, and the M3 displays a blind spot image on the screen whenever I use the turn signal stalk, but the MS doesn't seem to have this feature. This feature needs to be added to the MS.
    Created 3-Mar-2023
This is NOT currently implemented! Please correct this. My wife's 2017 Civic has this for the right turn side and it's excellent. Would love to see this added.
    Created 29-Sep-2019
What do you mean "implemented"?  I have a model 3 and the right camera view does not appear when I signal right.
    Created 13-Aug-2019
Blind spot aside, my wife used the birds eye view in her QX50 absolutely everything she parked. Her judgement of where the passenger side curb is not very good, and no-one likes curb rash. And no, the parallel park feature doesn't work if there are no other cars in front and behind the curb where parking is desirable. She also used it pulling straight into parking spots to see the front curb. Tesla doesn't show this with the arcs. You hit the curb with the underside of the car long before the bumper is near the guardrail above it. The used QX50's can be had for not much more than $20,000 CDN. How can a "tech" car  worth 5 times as much as this not have this feature? And yes, the QX50 had blind spot monitoring as well.
    Created 22-May-2018
The Blind Side indication in the Tesla late 2016 is worse than useless.  I've had one accident and avoided several others because of this terrible approach towards the large blind spot on the right side.  I've seen recommendation to move the mirrors out so that you can see cars in the blind spot.  We've been doing that since the 1950's.  Let's get an indication in the side mirrors and be part of the 21st century like the rest of the Tesla is.
    Created 2-May-2018
The right side camera like Honda has is definitely a good safety feature. The little arcs are pretty much useless.
    Created 1-May-2018
Blind spot detection is such an important safety feature that I predict it will transition from "optional" to "mandatory," just like seat belts, air bags, and TPM systems have.

Unfortunately, for all practical purposes, Tesla currently lacks blind-spot detection altogether, which is inexcusable considering the fact that Elon often promises not only the most economical car but also the "safest." That's worth repeating -- "inexcusable." It's even conceivable that this glaring omission could become a legal liability.
    Created 1-May-2018
If the arc symbols is considered implementation of blind spot detection, I find that it is not very useful.  Speeding cars in adjacent lanes will show up as flashes of arc symbols.  Looking down at the display is distracting at best.  Using the side view mirrors, hearing a warning tone or spoken "unsafe" warning are all better alternatives.
    Created 26-Apr-2018
Please add the outside camera to the review mirrors while waiting on Fed approval to remove mirrors.  Honda has both. We would rather have both than only have mirrors.

Tesla requested Federal approval in Mar '14 to replace mirrors with cameras. They are still waiting for an answer.
    Created 4-Sep-2016