Revert from AP to TACC Easily


Now Implemented!


Offer an easy way to switch out of AP to TACC without using the steering wheel.


I can’t find any easy way to go from AP to TACC without canceling it all and then re-engaging TACC.


Just toggle the steering to drop it out of Autopilot to engage TACC.  Implemented since Autosteer has been available.

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     Created 19-Jan-2020


CvoRoadGlide's comments seem quite doable.  Concur.
    Created 30-Mar-2020
Agreed, BUT, this causes an unpleasant jerk that upsets passengers when you do it - I just think it would be so much smoother and more intuitive if it did the following:

  • 1 Pull on Cruise stalk = TACC - As is currently

  • 2 Pulls on Cruise stalk = AP - As is currently

  • 2 Subsequent Pulls on Cruise stalk Cancels AP but leaves TACC active - Desired

  • 1 push forward cancels it all - As is currently

Effectively, the double pull on the cruise stalk becomes a toggle between TACC and AP, depending on which is currently active - (maybe none are active and you jump straight to AP as is the case now, but if either one is active, you swap between the two), and the push forward still gets you out of everything immediately.

E.G. This would be great for cancelling AP when approaching a junction so that you maintain set speed but can actively steer the vehicle without having to gingerly adjust your throttle position, then cancel the TACC and AP, then re-enable the whole thing again once maneuver is complete.

This is TOTALLY a first world problem though...
    Created 24-Jan-2020
If you turn the steering wheel a little bit to disable auto-steering TACC remains engaged, doesn't it?
    Created 23-Jan-2020