Higher Contrast on Radio Stations


Now Implemented!


Improve the contrast of radio station text.


The radio stations to be selected are shown in a light gray on a gray background which is difficult to read. The station selected becomes black and is very visible. It would be good if that was reversed so that you could easily see the offerings in black and then have the selected station go gray, or even remain black, since the selected station is displayed prominently on the media screen and in the instrument display.

It would be nice if the font was a little larger as well, but it is probably asking too much.


Version 10 software improved the contrast of stations.

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     Created 31-Dec-2013


Yes!  This is a real problem, not just on Tesla touchscreens, but everywhere--my iPad screen is showing the Teslatap site with a light grey background and (slightly) darker font. I attribute this scenario to most programmers being under 30 and having perfect vision.
    Created 2-Dec-2018
As with the gray on gray font in a previous suggestion on the navigation screen, I also agree with this one completely. It's pretty dumb to create unreadable text on the screen.
    Created 5-Dec-2016
For somebody who wears progressive bifocals, this would be a great option.  It is often hard to look at something relatively close that is not on-center, as with the center display.
    Created 24-Jun-2014