Reverse-backup Camera View At Top



When selected, put the reverse camera view on the very top when driving forward.


The position of the reverse camera should be the same as the reverse camera, the fact of it moves from lower part of the screen to the top part when we engage the reverse is a usability failure.

Our vision while performing maneuvers should be always as close to the car windows as possible, when the reverse camera is in the lower part of the screen it debilitates the peripheral vision to keep attention on the road and around the car.

When the camera view moves from lower to the top part it impairs the view, also the passenger can touch the screen and remove the back camera from the driver view.

The best solution would be to have the reverse camera in the main steering dash for Model S and X, but as an easier alternative that would also work to Model 3, is to move the camera to the top of the screen and push the map lower when the reverse camera is in the screen, keeping that position always while enabled.

That way when engaging the reverse, the backup camera image can stay in the same position and only add the extra car surrounding under it. The driver might lose the car surrounding from the main screen if the passenger touches the screen to access radio or some other function, but the backup camera what is higher priority will still be displayed in the same position reducing the chance of disrupting the driver (since the surrounding collision also use sound to alert the driver).

Move the rear camera button from the button to the top, by the side of the lock button or on the right side of the entry mode, in a fixed position and always available.



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     Created 2-Jul-2019


I’d like to see all of the cameras, perhaps fused into an all around view.
    Created 31-Jan-2020
In the old versions was like that Jorge, but the problem is that you don’t know where the camera would show up when pressing its button. The advantage of keeping it always on the same place is that the driver always knows where it will be, then the top of the screen is the closest place from the windshield and keeps the driver awareness of the situation in front of the car.
    Created 13-Jul-2019
I'd ask for configurability of where to put it: main screen top, main screen float or dashboard (if possible).
    Created 13-Jul-2019