Retractable Car Jacks



Have a set of four hydraulic jacks built into the car for easy tire changes.


Moderator: Due to the cost ($4K or more?), weight and added complexity it is unlikely Tesla would ever consider this. No competitive car offers this feature, and since there is no spare tire, when the need arises, a towing service would perform the tire replacement.



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     Created 13-May-2018

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I think the author was thinking about the 'Citroen DS' which has an hydraulic suspension?

So to change a tire  without using a jack, you just needed to put the car in 'High' level.

Then put a bracket on one side of the car, and then put the car on 'Low'.

Doing so, one side of the car will be very low to the ground, and the other would stay high because of the bracket on that side was supporting the whole car.

Et voila! you don't need a jack.

Since the Model S and X have an adjustable suspension, it might be possible to have a similar feature?

    Created 4-Oct-2019