Restore V8 User Interface




Have an option to return to V8 UI.


Don’t like the loss of split-screen in V9 and loss of upper icons for quick selection of most used features; media, navigation, calendar, energy, backup camera, WEB, phone. Or even better, leave the choice of functions as a user selective option in the upper end of the screen where it is easier to view. Looking down, finding the up arrow, swiping up, and searching for the option is distracting and inconvenient.


V9 42.2 addresses many, but not all, of these personal preferences.  As of June-2021, we don’t see Tesla going backwards to years old interface, so we’re closing this one out.

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     Created 28-Oct-2018


I would just like a phone icon (to place a call, not to access play my playlist) on the main tool bar, or better yet, up near NAV. Right now it takes 2 clicks to open my phone control screen on my 2016 model S (up arrow then old timey phone icon). Otherwise, I need a voice command just to bring up the phone task bar. In current setting I need to say "Call Emma" and given poor recognition it may just call Emily instead. How about "phone ON, or ACTIVATE PHONE"?
    Created 11-Jun-2019
My main gripe with V9 is it puts the media player on the screen EVERY time you put the car in drive. I want full screen Nav.
    Created 31-Jan-2019
Maintaining multiple user interfaces dramatically increases software development costs. I would prefer that Tesla devote development resources to fixing bugs and improving features rather than maintaining "old mode" options.
    Created 11-Dec-2018
I liked the split screen but have gotten used to v9 with the 42.x updates and on balance I would rather n0t go back. Here is the one thing I agree with from this suggestion: move the controls back to the top of the screen for the S/X. Moving to the bottom might be fine on a Model 3 might be fine, but the bottom of the screen in the S/X is too far down for the driver to be spending much time looking at.
    Created 1-Dec-2018