Restore kW Numbers in the Instrument Panel Energy Arc



The S/X energy level/graph display should include the kW numbers in the energy arc.


I own a 2015 Model S and a recent update [fall-2021] removed the kW hours numbers around the Energy Arc. I assume this was done to “streamline” the look of the display. Like a tachometer showing engine speed, the power meter analogously shows how much power is being currently consumed or regenerated by the braking system. I find this information very useful, and even fun (e.g., how much power is being returned down a long hill), especially since my P85DL has several driving modes.

I’d like the numbers around the Energy Graph. Since the display is non-linear some minor extra tick marks at 25, 50, 75% (e.g., what is 150 kW) between major power divisions (100, 200…) would be nice.



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     Created 4-Oct-2021

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This feature has been re-enabled (Oct. 22nd).
    Created 25-Oct-2021