App Support for Old/Obsolete Phones



Offer a legacy app for old iPhones that continues to offer basic functions.


When I bought my S in 2015 an iPhone 6 was near the top of the line and the Tesla app ran nicely for several years.  In 2021 it mysteriously stopped working – without any notification or explanation.  Service folks say ‘that tends to happen’……. Why not have a bare-bones legacy app for those of us that don’t buy new phones very often?

It may be that older equipment provides a security risk to unlocking your car, or it could even be a fault on Apple’s side, but we don’t know that.  The iPhone 6 was released in 2014, so very old technology today.



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     Created 2-Jun-2022

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You can download and run older versions of the software and stop automatic updates. May not give full functionality, but can get most features. Had a similar problem. IT support thought they'd fixed it, but had the same problem when I tried to update.
    Created 3-Jun-2022