Prevent Wiper on During Startup


Now Implemented!


When the car is shut off, wipers should also be shut off to prevent damage in case they are frozen to the windshield when the car is started next time. To prevent any unpleasant surprises while driving the wipers should be disabled only until the car starts moving, or the user changes wiper settings. It could also be done only if the temperature is below X degrees.


Moderator: Several partial solutions are available for older cars. Vehicles with the cold weather package can remotely turn on the wiper heater and the cabin heater to ensure the wiper is not frozen.


The new automatic wiper control with the refreshed 2016 Model S takes care of this.

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     Created 26-Nov-2013


Does the stalk on the MS return to the neutral position, regardless of if the wipers are on or not? My current car does that and I have had to get into the habit of always checking to make sure they are turned off before I get out of the car so the frost doesn't rip the blades off in the morning. If the stalk stays in the on position, it is much less of an issue as it is easier to see that they are on, even if it is only on 'auto' mode and it has stopped raining.

I also agree with 'parking' the wipers.
    Created 28-May-2016
Since this just isn't any ordinary car, please 'Park', the wipers when the Parking brake is activated AND the driver exits the car.
    Created 22-May-2016