Energy App Screen Reset



Provide an option to reset the energy screen.


I don’t care how I drove yesterday. The energy app is useful but since it is cumulative and may include energy use from previous trips it should be resettable.

My Prius allows me to reset the energy usage data.

Moderator: The instrument display trip info does have the energy used since the last charge, which may satisfy some users.




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     Created 18-Jun-2013


The lifetime data is only available if you don't reset one of the trip meters from initial ownership. I've done this so I have the data. On every anniversary of delivery I collect the annual data so I can determine total Tesla EV related costs for my Time of Use true up.

However, the drive to drive data is partially taken care of with the newer trip data now available in the dash area.
    Created 13-Jan-2016
Hassellboxter you are correct.  The lifetime data is useful for calculating operating costs, especially if you have TOU  (time of use) electrical service.  Having resettable energy related trip meters and usage allows every driver to know how they are driving and not combined with another drivers driving habits.
    Created 30-Dec-2013
basically you want to have energy related to your trip meters, plus a lifetime meter.
    Created 28-Jun-2013