Remote Screen Access on PC



Have an option to access the vehicle’s screen from a PC at home to plan routes, check and amend settings, etc.  This is beyond the small functionality of the smartphone app.


Would be possible to add VNC, TeamViewer, or similar software to the car to allow this – obviously with sufficient safeguards in place. Perhaps only over WiFi, only when stationary, and only when at Home.



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     Created 20-Apr-2015


Just cast my smartphone to this beautiful screen ! i do that for a long time on myTV !

You  can avoid TESLA to manage GPS ...and everybody can use and see what he wants from his phone...!!!

This feature could be bought on the net...400 euros....please just do it !
    Created 1-May-2020
OnStar has the ability to send map information to the Volt for their mobile app, would be great to do the same with MS
    Created 20-Jul-2015
Also, add the capability to plan a route from your location (home) and assume the car is fully charged.  I tried to plan a trip while in the garage with only about 100 miles range left.  The trip was to go South and West, but the planner sent me 70 miles north first as I couldn't make the Supercharger to the south with the amount of charge the car currently had.
    Created 12-Jun-2015
Plus the capability to plan routes from any location, not only the current one...
    Created 4-Jun-2015
or add an API to forward a route to the navigation

that way we do not get direct access to the car and Tesla can add strong validation to the request
    Created 1-Jun-2015