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Offer a way to put in a reminder/note on the screen before driving off.


I left my purse with my iPhone and my keycard in the garage next to my car (after getting a dog into the car)- and was able to easily drive off. When I got where I was going I discovered I had no way of getting home. Fortunately, a neighbor saved me. I often leave my purse at home as all I need is my iPhone. Yes, I’m older… Is there a way that a reminder (of our choice) could be put up on the screen – maybe like the dog mode- if we want it? I have now put a keycard into my glovebox.

Moderator: This can be done today with the calendar. Just keep such a reminder as a reoccurring calendar item, and it will appear each time you start the car.


Tesla offers the built sketchpad app, which can be used to jot a short note.

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     Created 7-Oct-2019

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hmm you probably just need that the car show a warning that the key/phone is not in range after you have left the garage
    Created 6-Nov-2019