Relative Cabin Temperature



Have a comfort option when first entering the car where the cabin temperature would be little bit warmer than the set temperature when it’s cold outside and the cabin temperature would be a bit colder than outside when it’s hot. Over a short interval, maybe 5 minutes the temperature would adjust to the set temperature.


This would avoid having too hot when you come from the snow and the inside temperature is high and to freeze out when you leave a sunny summer sun and enter a freezing cold car.



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     Created 13-Jul-2016


Andy, what you suggest does not help my needs.

What I miss is the ability to get the car to control inside temperature depending of the outside temperature while we're driving.

As an example, you set you car to 24°C when it's 28°C outside (because, in short and t-shirt, you don't want a freezing 18°C) BUT, if it's 10°C outside, you might want to have the inside down to 18°C (because you have your jacket and so on).

So the auto-adaptive relative temperature option would let you choose a "temperature profile" shown through various graphs.
    Created 3-Aug-2016
Most of this is already present... you can a) control from you app, or b) use the predictive climate setting - which I have not had to use much, Oregon is pretty darn mild all year round.   If that second feature works well, setting to your comfort setting seems appropriate.
    Created 2-Aug-2016